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This song came about out of frustration. Many years ago as a young musician learning my trade, there used to be a whole host of live music venues in and around Woking, where I’m from, now not so much the case, but fear not, there is a force within Woking for the good of all things Live, The Phoenix Centre will not give up until they have their Live Music Venue in Woking, and they have just been granted it, Things are looking up for sure, this song is about their struggles and all musicians and the like who just want to be heard.

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" Local Pop Hero "

-John Doe [National post]


Local Pop Hero

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Nothing Like That (Ever Happens Here)

Heres the newest (to some of you) instalment from the forthcoming self titled album, i really enjoyed re-recording this, its been a long time coming, i hope you enjoy it.  

The Wot Show

Happy New Year Everyone! Tomorrow evening 18th January 2018 , i will be appearing on The Wot Show with Keith Woodhouse on Radio Woking between 6-8 p.m. I will be amongst other things talking about my forthcoming album, maybe playing some songs from it, my plans for the future, the local music scene, and probably fit in some random chat that may come from Keith’s mind. You can listen via their website you can hit me up for some shout […]

Local Pop Hero

So here we go with the title track from the forthcoming album” Local Pop Hero”. Back in the day there were loads of places that you could play your music in and around Woking, but lately,  sadly most of them have disappeared. The powers that be seem fully intent on supplying more and more high rise apartments, so we can cram more and more people in. I guess you call that progress, but fear not, The Phoenix Cultural Centre have […]

Local Pop


Born in the Seventies, grew up in the nineties, haven’t yet come of age. Music is a calling, i care about it passionately, i haven’t ever fallen out of love with it, it’s what makes me tick. Yes i may be old, even more reason to get it out there, leave something behind, so to speak.

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