Big Guy

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Our Brother, Jim Foster, RIP Keep Rollin’

The New Single

Release Date 03/07/20

" Big Guy Keeps Rollin On "

-John Doe [National post]


Big Guy Keeps Rollin’

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New Single “Big Guy Keeps Rollin'”

My Brother, Jim Foster aka The Big Guy passed away recently, a true hero to us all, he's been immortalised in this tune, i wish i could immortalise him for real... Rob Foster Big Guy Keeps Rollin’By Release date:

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The Band

Rob Foster – Vocals , Guitar

Rob Selway – Bass, Vocals

Gary Tillett – Drums, Vocals


Next Show

Jackfest, Holroyd Arms, Guildford

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Local Pop Hero
"After Show Party"

Directed by: LPH
DOP: Rob F
LPH ® 2019



Rob Foster
07795 564709


Rob Foster
07795 564709


Rob Foster
07795 564709